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Serious Attitude

Serious Attitude

 · Serious Attitude Beats Males in Nearctic. Serious Attitude, the lone filly in the field of 1.

 · I always want to say "I have a serious attitude to my work". What I mean is that I always treat my works seriously and sincerely, so that I don't just work for the sake of getting the job done.

1 not joking or playful in mood or manner. I'm serious when I say that no one should be walking in that neighborhood at night. Synonyms for serious. earnest, grave, humorless, no-nonsense, po-faced.

 · I admire (you for) your serious attitude towards work, the way you deal with things, the manly qualities you show, and your deep, attractive voice. You can leave in "you for" or leave it out. I can't see that it changes the meaning in any way. To me, "macho" has definite negative Interaction Count: 3.

 · Warning letter for unacceptable behavior at work: It has been brought to the notice of the management of the company that you have behaved very non-professionally on several occasions. As a manager of the company, I have a full right to ask you to get back to your work with serious attitude and passion. Please consider this letter as a warning.

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  1. Despite a serious attitude toward food, Aussie informality and fun supersedes any preciousness one might expect from a foodie destination. 6 The New York Times - Travel That Jessie J insists on continuing our meeting shows that there are no diva tendencies here, but, instead, a serious attitude .

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